In the world of cold emailing, the choice of domain extension can impact your email deliverability, credibility, and overall success of your outreach efforts.

While the traditional “.com” remains widely recognized and trusted, other domain extensions can offer unique advantages. This article will explore some of the best domain extensions for cold email and how to choose the right one.

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Top Domain Extensions to Consider

Here’s a strategic guide to choosing the best domain extensions for cold email campaigns.

.COM (the dependable classic)

One of the benefits of using the .com extension is its credibility! “.com” is the most well-recognized and trusted. Using it in your email address creates a demeanor of authenticity and professionalism. It also has global appeal. This domain extension has a universal appeal, making it suitable for international outreach.

The “.com” domains are often easier for recipients to remember, contributing to higher engagement.


The popularity of “.com” means that finding an available and relevant domain might be challenging.

.IO (tech-savvy and innovative)

One of the advantages of the .io domain extension is its association with the tech industry. That’s why it is a suitable choice if your cold email relates to innovative or tech-oriented offerings. Compared to “.com,”. “IO” domains are often more readily available, allowing for creative and brand-relevant selections. While suitable for tech-related businesses, it may not align well with industries outside the tech space.

.NET (a trusted alternative)

A key benefit of the .net domain extension is its credibility. Similar to “.com,” “.NET” is well-established and trusted, offering a level of credibility. While “.NET” is a popular choice, it might still have more availability than “.com” for certain domains. Ensure that your domain aligns with the purpose of your cold email campaign, as “.NET” is often associated with networking and technology.

.AI (ideal for tech and innovation)

“.AI” is commonly associated with artificial intelligence, making it an excellent choice for businesses in the tech and innovation sectors. It is also ideal for positioning your brand as cutting-edge and tech-savvy. Ensure that the “.AI” extension aligns with the industry and message of your cold email.

Choosing the Right Extension for Your Campaign

To choose the right domain extension for your cold email campaign, consider the following:

Understand your audience

Consider the inclinations and impressions of your interest group. Some industries or demographics may respond better to specific domain extensions.

Align with brand identity

Always consider your brand identity when choosing a domain extension. Pick an extension that fits your brand image and the message you need to pass on via your cold email.

Consider Accessibility

Make sure that the picked extension has accessible and relevant domains. Think about varieties in the event that your favored choice is taken.

Understand industry standards

A few industries have laid out standards with respect to domain extension. Research what is often utilized and acknowledged in your field.

Test and examine

If possible, do A/B testing with various domain extensions to observe the one that performs better, especially their click-through rates, open rates, and general engagement?


All in all, the choice of domain extension for cold email campaigns is an essential decision that can impact how your messages are seen and received by recipients. Always consider your industry, interest group, and brand personality to make an informed decision that upgrades the effectiveness of your cold email outreach. Finally, use Lemlist to learn more about the right extension for your domain.

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