We are living in a technologically growing world. Tools are becoming finer day by day and are being more accurate in delivering to the expectations. One such tool or operational support that is sure to bring the change in the work spaces is – Cobot, or collaborative robot.

The journey

The main founder of Rozum Corporation, Viktar Khamianok, who has come up with the idea of Cobot, had the germs for developing robotic tools right from the childhood. After having the relevant education and industrial experience, he started a venture of his own with his old friend, Sergey Cheremukhin.

Cobot is the result of years of perseverance, persistence to excel and of zeal to bring automation in the processes. The founders used both their technical expertise and the business acumen to achieve a product that is sure to redefine the concept of automated working.

The process

Having an idea in mind is not enough, we need resources too! The founders built a core group of five people to bring their idea into form. Minimizing the expenses is the key to sustainability, and so, a number of cost-effective measures were taken to ensure that the process never stopped due to the lack of money. Some crucial steps included:

  1. Making use of only most useful tools
  2. Working in close collaboration with small group
  3. Choosing a place to work that did not come with hefty overheads
  4. Building a prototype first

Challenges faced

The very first challenge came in the form of inferior quality components. The outsourcing was perceived as a cost-effective measure and so most of the components were taken from cheap suppliers. But, this hit the founders back in the form of huge gap between the user expectation and Cobot features. The elements did not fit into the main product due to inefficient designs, poor construction and operational glitches. The other challenge was to identify the end users and to proposition the product as an answer to various operational issues.

Reaching the customers

With the help of measures like in-house designing, investing from the pocket and repeated trials and tests, the makers of the Cobot created what they wanted. Next, they started to move to platforms where they could connect to the audience that could actually connect with the product. So, they made appearances in special forums and exhibitions where they got the chance to reach to more and more people and from different parts of the world too.

How Rozum Cobot is unique

The market of Cobots has a couple of established makers. Establishing in such market conditions can be a bit challenging. The Cobot from Rozum has found the way in such market through:

  1. Developing more user-friendly models, easy to understand and operate
  2. Pricing the product competitively
  3. Reducing the promotion and marketing cost by launching product on the website.
  4. Training people using easy software to fulfill demands of bulk orders.

The result

The makers of Rozum are all set to take their first order and are going to establish themselves as a future-proof hardware developer.

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