Bruce Guilford real estate and auctioneering was set up in 1978 in Hicksville, Ohio. The company holds real estate license both in Indiana and Ohio. Whereas Bruce Guilford is known as a leading Realtor, his company Bruce Guilford real estate and auctioneering has earned reputation for its experience in residential, industrial and commercial sales, residential and commercial development, agriculture and farming and auctioneering.

What is real estate?

In recent days real estate is very common thing for everyone. The process of selling and buying lands, buildings, homes in legal manner is called real estate. This process requires all legal documents to be shown during selling or buying the properties. Nowadays the real estate business has gained popularity all over the world.

Real estate technology

Usage of platform economies and information technology in the real estate markets comes under real estate technology. It also includes application of financial technology, smart home technology for more efficient service. In the US it is called CRE tech or commercial real estate technology, whereas in United Kingdom and Australia, people refer to it as Protect.

What is Information technology?

IT encompasses all forms of technology involving electronic data. It refers to the development, maintenance, and application of computer software, systems and networks for data processing and communication. Internet comes under information technology.

What is financial technology?

Financial technology, also known as Fintech, competes with the traditional finance methods. Doing payment for online purchase using Google wallet, Apple pay, Paytm or Credit card is FinTech. Payment methods have been simplified. You do not have to carry cash anymore while you go shopping. Google pay, Paytm, Apple pay link your bank accounts to your mobile phones.
Fintech aims to make financial services more accessible to the public. The activities like using smartphones for net banking, investments tend to develop the financial industry.

What is Smart home technology?

The smart home technology or Domotics offers security, convenience and comfort with the efficient service by various smart devices which are connected to internet. The users of smart home technology can control and monitor their home devices from their smart phones or Smart home apps.

Thus it is almost clear how technology is helping people in today’s world. Technology has brought a revolution in the daily lives of people. In modern age it has brought the world in hands. The impact is beyond measure. It can not be denied that people, who can work smarter and smoother due to the help of the modern technology. People all over the world are using the modern technologies and enjoying the benefits.

Apart from that this tools of technology play a vital role in shaping human lives by saving time and efforts. The use of technology is not limited. It is being used in each and every sector by helping in decreasing labour and saving time. Besides that it is providing greater access to information and the production of the world industries is growing up as well due to the blessings of technology.

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