If you are curious about how much does a digital marketer earn, then you have come to the right place. This article contains a salary guide for digital marketers. Take a look at this guide for you to have an idea as to how much does digital marketers earn. There are factors that can affect how much money a digital marketer makes. These include:

Years of experience

Your value is defined by your experience. If you have been in the industry for many years and have mastered the skills working with tools necessary in the digital marketing world, then your value goes up. The more years of experience, the higher the pay will be.


To succeed in the digital marketing world, you need to have the necessary skills. Fortunately, there are many training platforms out there that will help improve your skills, which will in turn increase your value. Email marketing, SEM, and content writing are the basic skills you should have. Having these skills would enable you to land in any digital marketing jobs.


Having a solid reputation is a must. Nobody would want to consider working with someone with a tarnished reputation. The more respected you are the higher your value. The best way to nurture your reputation is to know how to properly promote your brand. This includes:

  • Maintaining a blog – Make sure that your digital marketing blog is active and up-to-date.
  • Connections – Have an active connection with industry leaders, especially platforms that will help your engagement like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Publish on high authority sites – Make sure you remain active and take every chance you get to promote or get published on high authority websites.


Your country of residence can greatly affect how much you will earn as a digital marketer. In the United States, digital marketers earn a lot – around $70,000. Digital marketers from other countries earn less than what people in the United States make.

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