No matter when and where, we are using mobile phones. We use it to communicate with others. We use it at work. Mobile phones are also used to play games. But in fact, the two most basic factors that affect our feeling of using are the screen and the camera.

There is a trend of mobile phones nowadays that their sizes are getting larger and larger. Long ago, even the mobile phone with touch screen had a screen size of only 3 inches to 4 inches. Today’s mobile phones are mostly 6 inches to 7 inches. It has doubled in screen size. But is the bigger the better? Nor is it.

In fact, the screen size of mobile phones with large screens, such as those over 7 inches, is close to that of many tablet computers. However, the processors of these oversized mobile phones cannot be compared with those of tablet computers. Their existence is of little significance.

In addition, too large a screen requires more resolution. With the same resolution, the disadvantage of low resolution will be displayed even more on the large screen. Low resolution will reduce the feeling of use. Therefore, super-large screen mobile phones require even greater resolution.

However, some people still prefer large-screen mobile phones. Most of these people are game lovers. Larger mobile phones can display more pictures in some games. This advantage can give them a step ahead of some other players in the game.

let’s talk about the camera of the mobile phone. Many manufacturers will emphasize how many cameras their mobile phones have when promoting their mobile phones. However, many ordinary customers will be fooled when they do not understand. They think that the more cameras there are, the better the photographing effect will be. But this is not the case.

The photographing effect of mobile phones is related to many factors. For example, the pixel of the camera, the size of the aperture, and the quality of the light sensitive elements, etc. For example, the pixels of a camera are 20 million pixels. The pixels of the other camera are 10 million pixels. Under the same other conditions, the photos taken by the 20-megapixel lens have better resolution and imaging than the photos taken by the 10-megapixel lens. If your pixels are not high enough and some cameras are just ornaments, then no matter how many cameras are, the photographing effect of one camera is not as good as that of one camera. But HONOR 20 Lite is different. It not only has 24M pixels in the main camera, but also has cameras such as wide-angle lenses. The camera of HONNOR 20 Lite is slightly protruding. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a mobile phone case to protect the mobile phone from wear and tear. Now HONOR 20 Lite case for sale is in progress, which is a good time to start.

On the screen, resolution is an important factor that affects the quality of the screen, while the size varies from person to person. The quality of a camera depends mostly on pixels, but it is not the only measure. But in the final analysis, the quality of the screen and camera still has a great influence on the feeling of using the mobile phone. I hope everyone will pay attention to protect their beloved mobile phones when using them.

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