The internet is divided into the dark web, deep web, and the clear web. What you see every day is the first and the most visible layer of the internet- the clear net. It is basically where you do all your research and information collected from like Google and others. Clear web from the technical point would be indexed, crawled content displayed by the search engines. The clear web is 4{061df1cae2d64927061e07b6d7eafcef06a76bc18c3ebe725bd65677dd35588a} of the total internet.

The deep web is another part though it is not indexed by the search engines and there is nothing dangerous about it. Behind the HTTP forms, you would find the various scientific white papers, tax-related info, medical records, army communiqué and a lot more. The dark web is the oddball. It accounts for 6{061df1cae2d64927061e07b6d7eafcef06a76bc18c3ebe725bd65677dd35588a} of the total internet and is a peculiar blend. You could only enter a dark web search engine for anything particular with a password, otherwise, access would be denied. On one hand, you would find anything which is visible on the darknet where anonymity and privacy are the core values. And here is a guided step that would help you enter the dark web securely.

Install a VPN:

When you are attempting to access the dark web, you should use a VPN. This is a must. Though you are free to use this internet layer without getting yourself into any kind of illegal activity, because of the long arm of the law, a safe step would be installing a VPN.

Installing Adequate Browser:

When you are searching on the dark web, keep in mind that you should not use any kind of default search engine from the machine you would be using. This could get you into a lot of hot water.

Popular browsers that most people use like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and others are very much under the radar of the authority. And if you do not require any hassle then going for a different browser for the dark web would be a great idea as a dark web search engine.

Installing Disposable OD or a VM:

Instead of using locally installed Windows, you should use the virtual machine software. This would make it easier for you to contain malware in a virtual environment that you would be able to fully control. You could also go for a disposable operating system, which would be easy to get rid of.

Thus, these are the following steps that you have to follow when it comes to surfing on the dark web safely and anonymously.

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