Whenever we want to buy any product from the mall or the grocery store, we generally scroll through many things printed in the packet. Firstly the price, the name of the company, ingredients used to make that powder or any eatable item, manufacturing date, quantity, the country where it has been prepared and also the name of the company so that we can check about its authenticity through its bar code. A printing company does this whole process. These companies mostly do the printing, so their activities can be referred to as Parcel cover printing programs (โปรแกรม ทำ ใบ ปะ หน้า, which is the term in Thai).

Many online food or restaurant apps take orders through phone or laptop. So they need to follow a few steps as the customer must fill out a form where he must give his name, address and phone number. If the app offers any discount, the Code is there. Full descriptions were taken and then printed through a process so the customer could get the details of how much money had been deducted by adding the taxes. So the receipt form (แบบ ฟอร์ม ใบเสร็จ รับ เงิน, term in Thai) was given  with the name of the customer, his address and the exact amount. So this is a quick and easy process without any mistakes, and the customer receives his order on time. So with this parcel cover printing program, there is no need to make boxes or write down the name, address, or phone number by someone, but it is an automated version where not much labour is needed.

These things also happen when you buy cosmetics, clothes or house furnishing elements from a different country or state. You need to select the items from an app and pay instantly to book your products if there is no cash-on-delivery option. All the details are sent to the storage area where they will pack all your items, and when they are shipped to your location, you automatically receive a mail or message saying that your order has been sent. This is totally hassle-free, and the customer will get all the updates relating to his product and when he will receive it. After receiving the parcel, the customer received a receipt from where he got all the details of his products with a proper price structure. It seems pretty easy now, but technology made it a piece of cake.

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