Marketing is the communication between a company/business and its target audience. Marketing can involve methods such as market segmentation, target group identification and market analysis. These are for the adoption of the appropriate strategy for customer engagement and product marketing. Basically, marketing should be the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers which can provide value for customers, clients, partners, and the entire society at large. Nowadays it is more geared towards the internet (with devices including computers, mobile phones and all other gadgets that can access the internet), and so the term internet marketing or digital marketing are more commonly used.

Marketing should break down into local and global (or international). The geography or location matters even in internet marketing. Once the location is set, the next building block is to identify a set of traffic channels or traffic sources in which marketers can acquire people (or users) from. These people once they have come through to your website or app, they have become visitors of your business. Go through the best free traffic sources list to find out a few hundred of exactly where people would spend their time and marketers can acquire them from. The traffic sources may include a few from the social media category, a few from the search engine category, a few from the forum category, and more. Depending on the form of content that you are launching, whether it is text-based, image-based, videos, or audios, the internet marketing should always include the regular supply of content. The best method to adapt is the re-use or re-purpose of already created content.

While marketers have the ability to bring in users, it is not enough. The four primary aspects of marketing to begin with include the product, price, place, and promotion, or the 4Ps.

The product is rather seen as an item. This item would address a consumer demand or requirement. The product may be a tangible item, or it can be a service, or it may even be just a digital product (e.g. an eBook in the form of a PDF file).

The price is the amount customers pay for a particular product. Price is the determination factor to the profitability of a company. Since pricing connects directly with the revenue, it is eventually down to the revenue amount that a company should be seen as successful or not for the year.

The place means where the product should be located. Why? The location of the product must be accessible by the end consumers. Distribution, franchising and exclusive distribution are all considered as the different strategies in terms of place.

The promotion is the marketing, and is the communication that a company must adopt to provide information about the product marketing activity. In the promotion, it often first includes the paid or advertising methods such as public relations, banner advertising, sales promotion, paid search advertising, programmatic advertising, and more.

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