IT asset discovery and tracking software involve the process of identifying and documenting all the IT assets that are on a network. This process scans the network and identifies all the devices that are connected to it. It is the first step in IT Asset Management (ITAM) to gain complete visibility of the assets including hardware asset management and software asset management that exist on your network. This lets users see what entities are connected and provides a snapshot of a business’s entire hardware and software asset library. This essentially forms the basis for the successful inventory management of your IT assets. By conducting regular asset discovery you can avoid accumulating outdated or unused assets, saves time by reducing search times for specific assets, and ultimately reduces costs by ensuring that only necessary licenses are purchased.

How does IT Asset Discovery work?

IT asset discovery and tracking software is a process that scans, identifies, and maps devices on a company network. It uses an active or passive technique to gather detailed information about each asset, such as the IP address, manufacturer, activity time, and subnet. For companies with fewer assets, discovery tools can be installed on devices like cell phones.

Once the tool is deployed to scan and locate new IT assets on your network, including pre-installed software and SaaS products. This provides enterprises with regular updates on their asset data, which is then collected and stored in an inventory management system or CMDB (Configurations Management Database) using the fixed asset software. By keeping track of all your assets in one place, you can easily see what needs to be updated or replaced, and plan accordingly.

IT asset discovery tools can help you troubleshoot devices, map networks, detect vulnerable or outdated software, and audit compliance. Additionally, they can also help you manage software licenses, and identify attempted hacking and data breaches. Having an IT asset discovery tool in place can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Benefits of Deploying IT Asset Discovery

Here are the following benefits that posses by IT asset discovery and tracking software

  • Ensure Compliant Software Is Being Used

By having a central source of information for your IT assets, you can keep track of what software is installed on which devices. This also includes who has access to software licenses and what devices are running the latest versions. The help of software asset management provides a detailed overview of your software assets and licenses, allowing you to better manage risks and enforce policies. This also avoids using unlicensed software and reduces the chances of a data breach.

  • Track Hardware in Remote Areas

IT asset discovery tools include hardware asset management, which is a vital part of any network administrator’s toolkit. They allow you to scan your network in real time, providing up-to-date information on the location of all your hardware. That includes IP addresses, last known activity, and assigned users, as well as the geo-location of certain devices.

  • Improve Time Management

ITAM solutions have been designed to help streamline time-consuming manual processes, with one of these being the management of IT assets. Automated IT asset discovery can be configured to scan a network for new, existing, or changing assets, meaning your asset data is always kept up-to-date.

How is IT Asset Discovery Important for your business?

The IT asset discovery software is quite beneficial for businesses in the following ways-

  1. Enhance Security

By having unlicensed software, you’re more prone to let malware sneak in. IT asset discovery exists to locate and find these unlicensed software modules so that your problem can be identified and solved as soon as possible.

  1. Better Understanding of Network Architecture

The IT asset discovery is a great way to understand your network architecture as it can unveil many aspects of the network that you may not have been aware of before. This will allow IT professionals and security professionals to work together more efficiently to safeguard the network and keep the business running smoothly.

  1. Helps in Investment of Money

IT asset discovery is important for software and hardware requirements planning. It tells you information such as new software, how long an asset will last, unused licenses, or future requirements of the organization. This way you can reduce excess hardware and software costs.

  1. Simplified Tracking & Report Generation of Assets

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept in business gives access to unauthorized devices, but with IT asset discovery scanning, the vulnerabilities of devices can be found and eliminated. This resolves the issue of BYOD.

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