Nowadays, many people use e-cigarettes for smoking. People have been blowing O’s for spans, long before vaping. Typically they were called smoke rings and were done with cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and joints. If you are new to the tricking, have no anxiety. It just takes exercise. O rings are used in vaping to prevent the juice from leaking out between the different tank components, or the glass and metal parts. Many vaping o rings are designed from neoprene or nitrile.If you want more information about how to do o’s with vape, you read this article.

How to blow O’s?

The way O’s or rings are formed is when you inhale air and cough it out while having your mouth formed an O shape. Well, many people spend months or even years performing this trick. Here are some tricks for how to blow os.

  • Step 1: Mouth shape and lip formation

As you possibly estimated you don’t make your mouth into a triangular shape. In fact, you require it to be in the shape of an O. the actual trick is to maintain your lips squeezed and pushed back towards your teeth. This means, open your mouth and makean O shape. Then twist your lips over both your bottom and top teeth with some power. Finally, while maintaining the same tension un-curl your lips from under or aboveyour teethandpreservethempushed against the front of your teeth.

  • Step 2: Where to place your tongue

This is an important step that many people don’t consider when trying to make O’s. To begin, bend the tip of your tongue downward and press down with a decent amount of force. While still pressing it down, move your tongue toward the back of your throat. Your tongue should now appearancesomewhat like an upside-down U.

  • Step 3: The cough method

Many people out there use this method to actually cough their O’s out. This is the most effective way. Follow all steps above; once your mouth and tongue are in place you want to cough very lightly from your throat.

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