The right search engine optimization (SEO) consists of very powerful strategies that can take a Hong Kong business to the next level in terms of sales revenue and future long term growth. But the upfront investment may be a huge sum of money for many small business owners who have no idea how to set it up. An example starts with an in-house SEO team and the team members (who are considered internet marketers) who have to operate around the SEO projects. This seems overly expensive to most HK based companies to invest before seeing positive results in sales numbers.

While the in-house team members are mostly based in HK, a viable alternative is to hire a Hong Kong SEO expert. The SEO expert’s main role is to act as a hub and connect the team members whether they are in-house staffs of your business or freelanced individuals who work remotely for some of your project tasks. The SEO expect is a consultant for your internet marketing plan and operations. Within the internet marketing strategies, there is a thorough researched SEO plan. The adequate training has to be provided to all the team members (including in-house employees and remote freelancers).

To better understand the Hong Kong market and local audience your business targets, there are a few ways to retrieve the information. One way is through using tools. Your expected internet marketing results will mostly be coming through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You should make good use of Google tools and other third-party tools.

  • Research the search intent in your niche, and find new keywords (that local HK people use) with Google’s Keyword Planner.
  • With Google Trends, you can identify trends in your industry. You can nail down to look at the data based in Hong Kong to have a better understand of your local audience’s trends.
  • Register a Google account. Use it for verifying your company website with Google’s Search Console – It is a webmaster tool for SEO. In the Search Console account, you can uncover the technical and on-page issues that Google have discovered as in reporting formats. You should start getting going to take care or fix all the technical issues.
  • Install Google Analytics (GA) which is a free web analytics tool and is one that is mostly used by SMEs. With GA, you can analyze how many people are visiting your website, who they are, and where they come from. Know what? Even your product is for HK local consumers. There may be cases where a business site gets most of its visitors from an unexpected region or country.
  • Check the speed of your website to understand the loading speed of your important pages through Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Google certainly for years has the intention to produce organic search results in terms of better user experience. An example is that your site’s content will have to focus on improving authority, trust and relevance. Using the above mentioned tools to identify the intentions of users in Hong Kong would go very handy.

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