Usually when quite a few of the following supporting reasons become obvious, your company will need a redesign, or at least some small fixes one way or the other.

  • Your website does not fit into the mobile responsive category.
  • You badly need to improve your site’s user experience to stop potential customers running away from your website.
  • You will need to optimize the customer buying journey (or lead generation journey) for your website, or else they could have gone to your competitors for a similar service (or product).
  • You will have to re-align your site with your company’s overall marketing goals.
  • Your site is in need to replace your old broken CMS with a new one.

As you may or may not know that the search engines have been putting more efforts on the mobile web and making sure users who are using the mobile web are getting the best user experience. When your website is still not mobile responsive, you are basically lacking behind. Especially Google has proactively pushed out the mobile-first indexing algorithm some time ago, and your old site may simply suffer from Google organic search rankings. In this aspect, you should get assistance and/or advices from a Hong Kong SEO expert.

Your marketing team or persons are doing a lot of social marketing on a weekly basis. Some older CMS from the last decade may not be so up-to-date with the enhancement badly needed for the new way of social marketing tactics. Plugins aren’t supported. Developing automation on top of older CMS takes up too much effort and no one knows exactly how to do it anymore. It is time just to get a new website (with the new CMS).

Optimizing the customer buying journey or lead generation journey certainly can lead to some positive outcomes when it is implemented correctly. The first thing you should do is to review the data and reports in your web analytics tool, whether it is the free Google Analytics or a more expensive and sophisticated web analytics reporting tool. You will find out where (i.e. on which page) most users have dropped off. Filter down to those 1 or 2 pages that may have breaking up the default journey. Look closely at the pages. Find out exactly which button isn’t working, which banner isn’t doing well, or which web form field has been causing problems.

After you have successfully redesigned and re-launched the new website, it will still take some time for your analytics tool to collect the required data. Give it some time, and export the required data for another round of analysis. You may find some useful insights, as you may have already seen where the improvements are, and the places that will still need further improvements.

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