A good communication is a strong bridge between two persons or businesses. For any business to be successful in the market, it is important that they have a good communication skill or communication with the customers. It has been aptly said that, a customer is a king. It is only through the customers a company can reach the heights of success and improve their business and so on. Many companies are there that is still struggling to communicate better with their customers, but in vain. So, its high time that such companies switch to the new platform of WhatsApp API for business.

What is WhatsApp API 

WhatsApp API is just like any other WhatsApp, and is a messaging platform, where the SME or small, medium or large companies can connect with billions of people around the globe and also, convey their business messages like new products, offers, discounts for members and others in short and sweet way, through WhatsApp API for business. The messages are conveyed in a very professional manner and through WhatsApp API you can send bulk messages. You can send notifications, alerts and personalized messages through the new WhatsApp API for business. The only difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API is that, WhatsApp API is a paid tool. You will have to pay to use its services and other messaging tools.

Important Features of WhatsApp API 

Since it’s a paid service, you can use many of its good messaging features like bulk messages, personalized messages, alerts and notification and so on. You can connect with 2 billion people from around the globe through this tool. Besides all of that, WhatsApp API can help you in sending the right messages and do the right kind of pitching for your products and services. Gone are the days when people used to sit manually with the phone and book & pen, and sent messages and called the people. This type of hard work doesn’t exist today.

Simply Switch

All you have to do is simply sit with your cup of coffee and let the WhatsApp API work. One of the best parts that you will know about WhatsApp API is that it does perfect work and the messages that you send or can send to the people are apt with apt words. No more lengthy and boring messages. There is also a feature of automated messages which you can use & in that you will get prompt response from the customers and an automated messaging system that answers and takes the lead further into calling your customer service department or concerned person. Some of the pivotal features of WhatsApp API are – automated messaging, chatbots, message templates, media sharing, integration and much more.

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