Elo boosting is time saving this means you have some spare time when you get elo boosted. But what can you do during an elo boost? Here we’ll look at a few things that you can do in your spare time. This will help boost your rankings once you’re in your deserved division.

Allow the Booster Rank You

Elo boosting can get you where you want, and also help you stay there. However, it’s important to note you’re not allowed to use your account during elo boosting.

This is because you might change your league and division and end up higher or lower than your initial ranking when you purchased the elo boost. When this occurs, it affects the amount of wins your booster would take to finish your order.

So it is advised for you not to log into your account until your boost is completed, and for your own benefit, you’re discouraged not to play while the booster isn’t playing on your account and isn’t finished yet.

If you drop in rating, the possible wins will discount from the leagues and division you asked to be boosted.

Get Some Coaching

After signing up for a boost, you will be ranked in a matter of hours or a couple of days at most. But then, what can you do to get ready for when the ELO boost is done? It is recommended that you get some coaching experts. These professionals can teach you some of the nuances of the game, and how you can hone your skills.


When the boost is completed, practice and feel comfortable in the new ELO. Observe how players grind the game in your new league and division before you go all out. It’s important to remember that you’re playing for fun.

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