Currently, most of mobile spy apps are created in the same way. They have almost the same basic functions. But this is not the case with the TTSPY. This application can keep track of telephone keystrokes of the target phone. TTSPY spy app is available on both Iphone and Android app store. Customers use this spy app to protect their children and secret data of company against the dangers of the internet or competitors. Moreover, you can use TTSPY app to track your wife and spy on her such as you can view all browsing data and access the social media account on her phone. TTSPY spy app offers all the basic functions of a spy app, including call tracking, SMS tracking, and tips to hack phone to the target’s smart phone.

Could not be detected by other app

People caring the most are safety when they are using a spy app. Whether the spy app can be detected by virus app or found by owner of the target phone. If you use the TTSPY app, you need not worry about this anymore as the security is a top priority for it. TTSPY spy app would not do damage on the phone and will not be detected by any software. You can download the TTSPY spy app and install it on the target phone.

Geolocation function

This is another important reason why TTSPY is widely used is that you can check the location of the owner of the target phone with the help of Geolocation function. You can view the location at any time. This function can help you know whether the person is at the place which he or she told you before.

Easy for operating

If the owner of the target phone decides to remove the SIM card, you can still access the data at the dashboard. At the same time, you will receive a notification for the owner has changed the sim card and choose to replace it.

How legal is it to use partner tracking?

Have you ever wondered if it is legal to follow your partner’s phone number? Well, in most states it is illegal to install spy phone software on someone else’s phone without permission. This is because it violates privacy. It can be considered as a crime that is accompanied by a prison sentence of more than a year.

It is therefore important not to catch. When you are ready to take all necessary security measures, you can continue to install the telephone spy application.

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