Here are some tips to help you leverage your Instagram, and how influencer marketing agencies can help you get there.

Other than the video, images are the only online medium that generates curiosity. However, Instagram, a social media platform for sharing images and videos, combines the best of both worlds.

With Instagram, your company may share images and videos with its clientele to improve the consumer experience. Instagram may be connected to your company’s Facebook and Twitter sites, giving your small business a strong social media presence and building a community around your brand.

With Instagram, you can follow your clients and leave comments on their photos, making maintaining an open line of contact even simpler. Even your customers can interact with you by leaving comments and liking your profile.

You can connect with more than 150 million active people each month by utilising Instagram. Furthermore, there are numerous efficient strategies to use Instagram for your small business. In case you want to involve influencers in promoting your brand, there are influencer marketing platforms to help you with that too. In addition, they also help you leverage your business. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Build An Appealing Account

You need to have a respectable number of followers who are seeing the stuff you are publishing for Instagram to be a successful marketing tool for your small business.

Make sure your movies and photographs are of the highest caliber to attract more followers. This could entail putting your products on display every day or having people utilise them.

Posting Instagram photo competitions that reward your followers is another strategy to attract followers. You may increase your follower count by posting contests because you need to follow the account in order to participate. Entry requirements frequently include “regramming” the contest-related image.

To keep your Instagram page interesting, stay active regularly. Another strategy to become popular on Instagram is to be open with your fans. Additionally, following back your followers and leaving comments on their photos will help you stay in touch with your audience. An influencer marketing platform can help with that.

Reposting pictures of your consumers will highlight them frequently. Maintain high-quality material for your Instagram account by creating vibrant, attention-grabbing photographs. Asking questions in your comments about what they think of the goods you posted can assist keep the consumer interested in the picture.

  1. Increase Engagement

Your Instagram account depends on the number of likes and comments. On Instagram, there are 100 likes for every remark, which is the normal ratio. Numerous businesses have adopted strategies that involve customers directly in order to achieve these kinds of statistics.

All forms of audience interaction, including soliciting input on visuals, boost engagement. Influencer agency in India help you keep up the interaction. Post entertaining and fascinating images of your company to give your followers a peek at what goes on there. Showing your staff, your products, and happy customers will help you tell the story of your company through the photos and videos you publish.

  1. Hashtags

To increase the searchability of your company on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, use hashtags related to your industry and make your own. Be inventive when using hashtags because they let your fans to interact with you by adding their own to your photographs. Hashtags can be added to any word or phrase. An influencer marketing agency can give you a consolidated data of the hashtags that you can use and which will bring your maximum traffic.

In order to organise content and make it simpler to discover it on social media sites, hashtags are used. At expand your hashtag content, add a hashtag to the end of the name of your company on each image or video you share. Encourage clients to hashtag their photographs of your items by posting signs in-person or online so you can observe who is happy with your services and who is active.


  1. Contests And Campaigns

Running campaigns and contests is a good approach to get more exposure on Instagram.

Set up your Instagram campaign or competition with specific objectives in mind. Are you attempting to increase your following? Do you need to come up with a novel strategy to promote or raise brand awareness? In such case, pick a photo or video to share, use a hashtag, and urge all of your followers to take action.

Through contests, followers may receive a shoutout on the brand’s page, a product gift, or placement in an advertising campaign. To increase interest and perhaps attract more followers, promote contests on other social media networks. An influencer marketing agency can help you strategise that.

Post entries or news to keep followers informed of the contest’s progress. The most crucial thing is to contact the winners once the event has completed to congratulate them and give them their award.

Campaigns can be held just as effortlessly. Encourage fans to hashtag your company name by offering them incentives to do so. By asking your followers to vote for their favourite entry, you can raise the level of participation in contests.

  1. Location And Events

Instagram gives you the option to geotag your photo or video. You can crowdsource by location using these tags.

By designating a location tag for your company, you enable your followers to share their location with their followers. The likelihood that someone will notice your profile and photographs improves when you add the location of your small business.

Events are another excellent approach to maximise Instagram’s marketing potential. By tagging your event, you can see which followers attended it as well as the followers of those people, who can then know that they attended an event that was sponsored or hosted by your company. Industry conferences are also excellent hashtags for gaining followers. A fantastic method to use Instagram is to ask attendees at these events to document their best moments because it gets people interested in your brand and image.


A cheap, entertaining, and inventive approach to boost your social media presence is by using Instagram for small company marketing. You may have a well-liked Instagram account that promotes sales by conducting events, running contests, providing engaging material, using hashtags, adding locations to your posts, and maintaining contact with your fans.

If your small business has a strong visual component, a brand culture, and devoted clients, Instagram is ideal for it. Instagram is currently the fourth-most popular social networking platform worldwide, making it the ideal platform for sharing photographs that highlight and define your business.

Create an account, follow businesses and individuals associated with your industry, let people know you are on Instagram, start using hashtags and posting images, and soon other people will start following your small business. And don’t forget to enlist the help of an influencer marketing platform in India to reach greater heights!

_Assigned to Sourav Kumar_

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