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Handling a client’s website is the toughest task and maintaining those clients is the trickiest task that any web developer bears in his / her career.

Now, you’ll ask the secret of handling a huge no of clients. The answer is quite simple my web hosting provider is the hero and great supporter of my business.

Being a web developer, I have tested many webs hosting providers and aware of provider’s parameters that make them best in terms of great support, reliability, consistency, and maximum uptime, etc.

Based on these above mentioned qualities my search landed upon the hero of my business which is Hostripples.

They are the best web hosting provider in terms of offering great support, reliability, consistency, maximum uptime, etc.

I have been using their service for 5 years and getting a delightful service 24/7/365 days a year. To express my happy journey with Hostripples, I am writing this review article so that you guys can also enroll your business name with them to host a website.

What is a Shared Hosting?

It’s a type of web hosting service that helps various websites to share a physical web server and its resources among other website owners. Best Linux Shared Hosting is like distributing a web server to accommodate, server and operate more than one website.

 After signing up, you’ll receive your web hosting plan details. And on the same server, you’ll get many other users hosting their website and sharing the same resources like storage, computing power, network and other resources. It is a cheaper type of web hosting service that fits perfectly with beginners’ pockets easily.

Shared hosting is recommendable for those websites, that don’t utilize a large amount of traffic.


Hostripples is USA’s best web hosting provider that offers web hosting services at an affordable cost. They have a wide range of web hosting and domain service. They aim to deliver a fast, reliable, simple, and affordable web hosting service.

Hostripples’s Serchen Reviews:


Their web hosting service consists of technology, uptime and 24/7/365 exclusive customer support. They are actively working on new technologies, features and product augmentation. To maintain the uptime of the website, they offer 99.9{96d91b5415478593143d8563ef204d636964c5863556d52af56fca50162c0ef5} uptime that keeps your website high online with maximum speed. If you’re looking for unlimited reseller hosting USA then you can opt with them.

Shared Hosting Plans


Under this plan, you’ll get a coupon code of OFF with coupon code FREEDOM. This plan is starting from $1.46/mo and you get features like unlimited web space, bandwidth, FTP accounts and Indoes. Plus, 24/7 support and 15 sub domains.


Under the business plan, you’ll get a coupon code OFF with coupon code FREEDOM. This plan is starting from $3.46 and here you’ll get features like a free domain (only yearly plan), unlimited web space, bandwidth, FTP accounts, Inodes, etc.


Under the enterprise plan, you’ll get a coupon code OFF with coupon code FREEDOM. This plan is starting from $5.46 and here you’ll get features like a free domain (only yearly plan), unlimited web space, bandwidth, FTP accounts, Inodes, etc. Here, you can host unlimited websites.

From the above mentioned plans, you can select any plan looking at your requirement.

Features of Hostripples’s Shared Hosting

SSL Certificate

SSL is a secure socket layer that protects the personal information of the visitors. It is symbolized by the small padlock icon next to your URL; which helps the audience to understand that your website is secure to use and browse further.

Website Builder

They also offer a website builder for newbie’s or professional’s ones to design websites as per individual needs. To give a smooth flow, you can use the drag and drop feature for customizations. Ahead, you have to select a template, add content and images, etc.

Datacenter Option

They have given liberty to their customers by helping them to select any server location as per their target audience. They have options like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada and India.  

One – Click Installer

Under this feature, you can install many Content Management System applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

 SSD Storage

Your business will get rocket speed with their best SSD Shared Hosting service. Their servers are giving 100{96d91b5415478593143d8563ef204d636964c5863556d52af56fca50162c0ef5} high performance and boosting the website speed.

Lightning Fast Website

With us, you get the best server resources to host your website. Moreover, their plan also includes data compression and image compression that boost the loading speed of the website.

Due to fast browser caching of content, it becomes easy to increase the speed of the website. In short, we can say that when you’re with hostripples then stay worried free and focus on the expansion of your business.

Summing Up

I hope this article will guide you from every perspective to make your decision easy for buying shared hosting.

Buy Hostripples’s shared hosting and start your business at the earliest. They are available 24/7 with active support service, 99.9{96d91b5415478593143d8563ef204d636964c5863556d52af56fca50162c0ef5} uptime, and money back guarantee but as per their policy you’ve to check on their page.

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