In the realm of mobile computing, the blending of Linux’s robust functionality with Android’s user-friendly interface has long been a dream for many tech enthusiasts. Linux Deploy, an open-source application, aims to make this blend a reality by facilitating the installation of various Linux distributions on Android devices.


Linux Deploy stands out in the niche market of mobile Linux emulators. It allows users to install a Linux distribution on their Android device, creating a disk image on a flash card, and running the distribution in a chroot environment alongside the Android platform. The app requires superuser rights (ROOT), indicating it’s geared towards a more tech-savvy audience.


  • Supported Distributions: Includes popular ones like Alpine, Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Arch, Fedora, CentOS, and more.
  • Installation Flexibility: Offers multiple installation types, including file, partition, RAM, and directory.
  • Interface Options: Provides CLI, SSH, VNC, and X server interfaces.
  • Desktop Environment: Supports various environments like XTerm, LXDE, Xfce, MATE, etc.
  • Multilingual: The app supports multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility.

User Experience

  • Installation Process: The installation process is reported as text in the main application window. While the app boasts an easy setup, some users may find it challenging, especially those new to Linux or command-line interfaces.
  • Performance: On compatible devices, particularly rooted ones, Linux Deploy performs admirably, offering a functional Linux experience. However, performance can vary significantly based on the device’s capabilities and the chosen distribution.
  • Configuration: The app provides a wide range of configuration options, but the complexity might be overwhelming for beginners. Advanced users, however, may appreciate this level of control.
  • App Limitations: Some users have reported issues with app updates and compatibility with certain Android versions, highlighting the need for regular updates and bug fixes.


For those seeking to use their Android device for development, testing, or simply to explore Linux, Linux Deploy offers a unique solution. It effectively turns a mobile device into a Linux-based workstation, albeit with the limitations and challenges inherent in running an OS within another.

Technical Support and Documentation

The app directs users to its GitHub wiki for instructions and guides, which is a treasure trove of information but may seem daunting for the uninitiated. Community support, such as forums, can be invaluable for troubleshooting.


Linux Deploy is a powerful tool for those looking to harness the power of Linux on their Android devices. Its strength lies in its versatility and the range of Linux distributions it supports. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and is best suited for those who have a good grasp of Linux systems and are comfortable with potential troubleshooting.

Downloads Links

For those interested in exploring this unique blend of Linux and Android, Linux Deploy can be downloaded from the Google Play Store: Linux Deploy on Google Play and Apkfollow

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