The use of popular social media platforms has continued to increase, and so has the need for companies to find new ways to connect with their customers. Past methods of gathering customer feedback were extremely limited and primarily done through face to face interactions, phone calls and survey cards. Today however, most people are extremely active online and many of the methods used before can now be accomplished efficiently through social listening.

Companies face a myriad of challenges in today’s competitive environment. Every customer is important and what they say and think can have a big impact on a company’s image or brand. Social media platforms open the door for all kinds of feedback. Whether it is positive or negative, customers talk to others about a particular product, service or experience they have when dealing with a company.

NetBase is an analytics company that is leading the way in innovative strategies to help businesses better reach their customers thru social listening. They are experts in measuring brand performance, marketing ideas, identifying key areas for product improvement, sentiment analysis models, and much more.

The importance of social listening

It’s simply not enough for a company to have one or two social media accounts in the effort to connect with their customers. Data analysis can not only show what customers are saying online, but suggest key ways on how to use that information to respond to them. Here are some pointers that can help benefit a company’s brand.

Find out how what people are saying about your competitors

It is important to know what customers are saying. If a company can understand this, then they will be able to use social listening to find out more about their competitors. Having crucial information like this can give insights about how they measure up and where they fit in their industry. Real-time data about competitors can create new opportunities for growth and address threats as they happen.

Discover pain points and promptly address them

Monitoring important industry keywords helps uncover conversations about products, services, and features. This information can be funneled to a company’s research and development team to further find out exactly what works for their customers and what doesn’t. Maybe adding a new feature or improving an existing product could be the secret formula to resolve the problems and frustrations people are talking about. Companies often will revisit or fine-tune their products and services to help address the concerns of customers. This take charge approach to problem solving is priceless and can help lay a path for the company as a leader in their industry.

New lead development

The ability to find people online who are asking questions about your industry can create great opportunities for new prospects. Companies that position themselves as the best source of information and the “go to” place will often find their brand at the top of a customer’s list when it’s time to make a purchase. Reaching out, making a sincere connection and sharing helpful information can nurture into relationships, create fans a build a path for future sales.

Being the best in their chosen field of service is not easy and companies will always need solutions to the problems they face. Many have implemented social listening to their business plans to help them succeed and grow. Fresh ideas, new products, improved customer service and so much more can all be attributed to great social listening strategies.

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