Dell PowerVault MD1200is one of the direct-attached storage for the expansion enclosure. This particular Dell powered  device helps in improving the density, versatility along with the enhanced performance level to enhance the support for the mainstream applications.

Meets the Business need

Dell PowerVault MD1200is known to provide its customers with the maximum flexibility when compared with the other storage array of Dell. One can easily expand the capacity of their server. They possess a versatile and flexible nature to meet up the different business requirements. They carry the ability to mix both the 2.5 inches and the 3.5 inches enclosures behind the PERC H800 HostRAID adapter, thereby supporting the maximum possible deployments. It offers its customers multiple benefits.

Security of the Data

The key to the success of any business lies in the easy access and accuracy of the data. Dell PowerVault MD1200 is a beautifully engineered to maximize the uptime along with the security of the data. They have a redundant path with the proper balancing of both Input and Output load. Therefore, even in case any of the single paths of the cable fails from one of the ports of PERC H800, the second ports permit access to the data.

Moreover, with the drive level encryption if any particular drive from the storage system is removed, then the data of the particular drive becomes encrypted and useless for the others who try and attempt to have access to it without any appropriate authorization for the security aspects. At the same time, it even supports instant erasing of the driving facility, which helps in permanently removing the data while decommissioning the drives.  The swappable drives even helped in removing and replacing the drives while operating the system. Therefore, one does not need to turn the system off or again reboot it to make use of the new drives.

Affinity with the PowerEdge

This particular storage array utilizes the PERC H800 HostRAID adapters. It helps the software to recognize different storages as one single unit. Therefore, it enhances the fault tolerance level along with reliability. The storage management is streamlined in a perfect manner keeping in mind both the internal storage along with the external array.

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