Mobile money is the new money transfer technology that you can use to make your life easier. The reason for which many like to use mobile money is it is a simple and easy solution to make payments. Mobile money has emerged as an alternative to both cash and bank in the countries where banking is not yet developed.

The Reasons Behind Mobile Money Popularity

In today’s world, every person possesses a mobile device.

In many countries, it is easier for people to have a mobile money account then opening a bank account, as most of the people in such countries have a mobile phone with them. In such cases, using mobile money is a way for people to keep money safe. Also, making fast money transfer for paying bills, school fees, and mobile recharge becomes easy for people. Here are three reasons to use Mobile Money:

1. Multi-Faceted

Mobile money gives the user the power to use it in many different ways. A user can receive, spend, and store money in their mobile wallet. You can also avail of a lot of offers by using airtel credit for making recharge on your airtel number. However, you must know how to buy airtel credit from mpesa or any other mobile money app you use.

Here is how easy it is to pay the mobile bill with Mobile Money app (M-pesa)

  • Open the M-Pesa app
  • Enter your Airtel Mobile Number
  • Enter the Amount you need
  • Enter the M-Pesa Pin to convert money into M-Pesa credit.

2. More Secure

There is always a risk of stealing associated with the use of cash. You cannot leave your cash wallet anywhere. You need to ensure the safety of your cash wallet every time. However, with mobile money, you need not have to worry about mobile wallet safety, as your wallet is password protected. Even if someone steals your mobile phone, you need not have to worry, as the mobile money wallet is password protected.

3. Discounts And Offers

 Mobile Wallet offers a lot of reward pint, cashback, gift, and many other incentives for making a mobile payment. With all this, offers provided by the mobile wallet, which you can use to save a lot of money. To maximize you’re saving with mobile money, you must find a Mobile Money app that suits your shopping offers the rewards on purchasing from the shop, online store you use.

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