You’ve undoubtedly heard by now how social media and lead generation for IT companies may bring in new customers for your company. However, I’m assuming that, as a small firm, your marketing funds are not infinite. You must know that for every dollar you spend, you will get at least $1.01 back.

You may have been on the fence about using social media to generate leads because you don’t know how to assess or track your success.

If that describes you, keep reading; here is some fantastic advice.

You can track how many leads you get from shortened links

In social media, particularly on Twitter, it’s easy to run out of character space if you include a lengthy URL in your tweet. Many link-shortening providers allow you to monitor the number of clicks on your shortened links in addition to helping you produce shorter links.

Several of the best link shorteners also provide robust analytics tools that can be used to evaluate the efficacy of your social media lead-generating strategy.

Make the most of Facebook’s Insights.

With Facebook Insights, you can easily see how many new followers you’ve gained, how much activity has been on your fan page wall, and how this all stacks up against your previous data.

If you compare this data to the marketing initiatives like IT copywriting you’ve launched for your small business; you can figure out which ones have been the most successful in attracting your target demographic.

Get your site’s visitors to spread the word.

AddThis offers far more functionality than the “tweet this” or “like” buttons you may have seen on other websites. Incredibly detailed data on shared material, referred visitors, individual page sharing, link propagation, and more are all available with the AddThis service.

As a bonus, it can be integrated with Google Analytics. You may need assistance from a technical expert to integrate it on your website but be assured that the money you spend on said expert will be well spent.

Speaking about Google Analytics

We tend to overthink situations, forgetting that simple solutions are at hand. The version of Google Analytics you’re using now can tell you a lot about the efficacy of your social media efforts. See where your current site visitors are coming from.

What percentage of site visits originate from Facebook? Twitter? Bookmarking communities? To track the efficacy of your social media marketing and lead-generating efforts, have your computer person set up an AddThis button and a custom Analytics report.

Consider using a toll-free hotline.

Similar to the proliferation of URL shorteners, new services that enable the monitoring of phone calls are always appearing. Most of these offerings allow you to get a new phone number that forwards calls to your existing line.

The benefit is that you can monitor the success of your social media marketing by looking at the number of calls received using a specific phone number that is exclusively shared on social media.


Remember that social media and tech lead generation are other weapons for promoting your small business online. No amount of time spent on social media will automatically generate sales or increase your brand awareness.

Social media ROI tracking and measurement are essential to ensure you’re focusing your time and energy on where it will generate the most leads.

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