Each day, millions of emails are sent worldwide. And it is certainly going to reach billions. And for an organisation, it gets difficult to filter out the real ones.

Email Validation is one such concept where one can verify the email addresses first and one gets to know whether the receiver can receive the mail or not.

Email is of the most preferable mode of communication while you run a business. And the marketing team of an organisation uses it the most. Numerous tools are available to check the reliability of the email addresses. And if you want more accuracy and are ready to invest in it also then there are services provided for Email Validation by many organisations. You can take up either of the above two to validate your email address.

Email Validation has several advantages; some of them are listed below –

·       For elimination of hard bounces

They mostly occur when the email address does not exist anymore or was a fictitious one and is now closed by the user.

·       Keeps your email list neat and clean

It helps to keep the email list clean and hygienic by verifying the email addresses.

·       Keeps the email list up to date

The email list is kept up to date which saves time as well as the cost

·       Improves customer engagement

Email Validation improves customer engagement by filtering all the emails that do not exist anymore.

·       Increase in conversion rates

The organisation can have a higher conversion rate if the emails are being sent to the right email addresses and there are a high number of opens and click as well.

Talking about how does Email Validation works

  1. Firstly one needs to upload the list of emails Id’s they have
  2. And accordingly the email addresses are classified as-
  • Valid – shows the existence of email address and verification can be done accordingly.
  • Risky – This means that the email address is not 100{419c66c061ee6425b8107000586c344e902b543e2ba95990e5adb730c7af1d27} valid and bounces may still exist.
  • Invalid – It means that it is completely invalid and does not exist anymore.

Uninterested users can further be removed. If a person has not opened any of the mails sent from the company for almost 6 months, then they can be removed to hard bounces and spam complaints.

Marketing team of Mckinsey even stated that 60{419c66c061ee6425b8107000586c344e902b543e2ba95990e5adb730c7af1d27} of the users provide wrong personal information online. But Email is also the most effective form of communication as stated above. So the need of Email validation becomes even more necessary. A valid Email address is one of the biggest pillars of the marketing team of any organisation. So, Email Validation is the only way where one can get valid email addresses in bulk.

Final Overview

Email validation is one such thing that has to be followed by every organisation. For the success of marketing, it is necessary to validate email address. Without Validating your emails one cannot engage with the customers well and can’t keep up with the email sending reputation.

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