Application development has become the standard for businesses to create a platform for themselves. Even the websites have turned into web applications which is a much more user-friendly approach to getting the job done. You get to interact with the dynamic website you may have with the help of effective web applications.

On the other hand, the rise of smartphones has allowed mobile applications to give you access to things on your phone. You get to do all the things that you may have done on a website with the help of good mobile applications. The most interesting thing is that all the big businesses around the world are creating mobile applications for easy user access.

From a developer’s point of view, creating the most stellar web and mobile applications is not an easy task. You need to have all the right resources with you so that you can create something creatively worthwhile not only for the developer but for the business as well. This requires you to have access to the best platforms available out there where you can create great applications.

From the PaaS perspective, Heroku has always been one of the most influential platforms for application development. It has been able to offer developers the chance to create some great applications with resources available under a single roof. Now, it is becoming essential for developers to find the real Heroku alternative for many reasons. The most important is the availability of new and dynamic things that can help you in better application development.

For the things that Heroku might not be able to do for you, you can look at the best alternative PaaS platforms available out there. For the most basic needs, Google App Engine is one of the best alternatives out there. You can create great applications on the platform and track them at the same time as well. For something like Back4App, another stellar alternative, you can create much more advanced applications that are going to be well versed with all the essential resources for the developer in an open source manner. It gives the freedom to developers to modify based on their needs. These two are the most innovative and affordable ways to get the job done for your business as well.

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