Those who have experienced the selection of development boards for design functions will admit that the process may appear simple on the surface. Going about it can be quite intimidating. That’s why you need to equip yourself with knowledge before setting out to make a choice.

There are many options to choose from. Considering different factors before picking up a good development board is vital.

How to Pick the Best Development Board

There are several factors to look out for when selecting a development board to run your design activities. Below are a few of them.

  • Planned applications matter

Some companies stuff development boards with everything under the sun because it’s not very clear what the equipment is intended to do and what kind of crowd it takes to cater for. This is more reason why most organizations can’t concoct effective equipment.

Besides, some platforms pitch functions such as an image or video handling. You ought to be aware of the computational capacities of the board.

  • Consider looks

It’s not all jobs that need to be done by engineers, some need artists. Most often, art is seen as a disregarded element while planning evaluation boards. This is not too good. Ensure that it looks appealing to the eyes.

The fact is that modern looks and shrewd finishing do add to mass allure in any event, for a product implied for a specific crowd. All things considered, assuming the board will be a great companion, you would want to fend frightening-looking things off.

  • Consider open plans

If you examine the list of famous development boards that have been enrolling a functioning user community, and ideal improvements, many designers often pursue porting new applications to the board.

One normal component that ties generally these products is that their plans are open and accessible. Essentially, if it is a development board, it can’t be a closed source. If it is, it is like nullifying its key purpose.

Merchants utilizing such shut source approaches refer to plagiarism as their main apprehension. But, the fact is that this transparency is seldom utilized to imitate a board.

  • Stay off premature optimization

Yes, this rule applies to programming. It also applies here, when choosing the right development board. It is firmly recommended by experts that streamlining is something that you ought to hold back for the final result. To avoid premature optimization does not imply that you purchase a multi-center platform for prerequisites that can be satisfied by 8-digit platforms.

It is very normal for the task scope to be refined or re-defined at each phase of your venture. Even though you may concentrate on a cascade model for project development, the iterative model wins in reality.

In a similar project, you can begin with a basic scope of capturing a picture, handling it, and saving it to an SD/MMC card. With that within reach, you can choose not to go for an OS/RTOS.


Picking the right development board for your projects doesn’t need to be an intimidating task. Use the tips above while shopping for a quality product. Finally, the stratix 10 SoC SoM carrier board is carefully put together to ensure quality performance.

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