Let’s start with a single rule of thumb that applies to each phone case you would want to buy. Not only do they have cases, but they also know that you’re in the shopping mood. A $60 cover seems like a fair investment, given the cost of the phone and the membership you just bought. Wrong. Putting a $60 price tag on a phone cover is excessive. You are permitted to flout this regulation unless you specifically request that your brand-new iPhone only come with official Apple accessories. If not, then you should research your situation online. What you want is yours for half the price.

Why Protect Your iPhone with Wood

Is there not a better alternative to using wood, rubber, or paper? Wood is one of a kind and, dare I say it, better than the alternatives; some of the alternatives are really pretty nice. The classic, elegance, purity, and beauty of wood’s look will never go out of style.


The iphone 14 pro max wood case is a nice aesthetic touch. What you said was a perfect summary of the situation. When compared to the hideousness of plastic, wood is breathtaking. It may be summed up in one sentence. African mahogany, American cherry, and black walnut are just a few of the many wood types that exhibit natural beauty. Unlike some other materials, wood really improves with age.

In every way the polar opposite of plastic. Scratches, dents, and blemishes do not improve the aesthetic value of products made of plastic, metal, glass, or leather. Although certain leather items improve with age, they are also far more prone to permanent and ugly deterioration. Like a great piece of antique furniture, the surface of wood is enhanced by the presence of marks such as fingerprints, coffee stains, and slight scratches. As time progresses, the wood will acquire a more realistic, aged appearance.


For maximum protection against damage from drops and scratches, use a wood phone case. Many of the displays in this book are housed in wooden displays, with TPU display templates providing as their foundation. Just what does TPU mean, anyway? The whole idea of it is repulsive. Environmentally friendly thermoplastic urethane (TPU) is a kind of hybrid material. It combines the rigidity of plastic with the malleability of silicone. Cases for iPhones are often made from thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, a very thick and smooth rubber. The sleek shape of these covers makes it easy to put them in and take them out of pockets without leaving behind any lint. TPU cases are more durable than their silicone counterparts; they are also somewhat elastic and quite sturdy.


Putting a phone in a wooden cover won’t affect how well it works. Wood is a versatile material with many potential uses. When you buy a phone cover, you usually have to give up some functionality, or worse, you find out after the fact that your phone can’t do anything. However, wood may theoretically be thin enough to support Qi-certified wireless charging or magnetic coupling could occur through the casing. The strength of the material allows for both of these features. And because of the previously mentioned rigidity, it may be rather thin while yet offering an extremely high standard of protection. Using a wooden phone cover will not need you to turn off any of your phone’s functionality.

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