In small businesses, the standard decentralized or peer-to-peer network model used in small home-type offices ultimately becomes inadequate when user requirements, such as access to shared storage drives and printers, exceed its capabilities.

Dedicated servers are mainly used because it is the best option for large-scale operations. Many small businesses start with free cloud-based email services like Gmail. This is enough for offices with a small number of contact points. But as the number of places increases, controllability decreases sharply. Then you can turn to a dedicated server, which will help get rid of dependence on web-based email clients and make it easy to add mailboxes for an ever-growing office.

Many users need to access the same data. Even small businesses need a centralized data warehouse. A dedicated hosting server is needed when you start using applications that require a secure database. The database stores information that various programs receive and update. Storing sensitive data on insecure storage devices such as USB sticks poses a serious risk to your systems.

Managing shared resources in the workspace. Printers, optical drives, and programs are just a few examples of common resources. A dedicated server can take on the functions of a router when sharing printing devices, including older, unsupported printers. Although a drive connected to the same computer can be shared across a network, it can have different letters on different computers. The server can designate a drive letter that will be used by all client computers.

One computer to work with multiple systems. The server can take over the functions of some devices, such as a router, NAS device, backup drive, and a firewall. With the server, you can virtualize the functions of several devices to run simultaneously on the same computer.

If you are still not sure of the correctness of such a decision, here are five reasons why a dedicated server may be the best choice for your small business.

  • Better Performance

A dedicated server provides an exclusive isolated platform without competition for resources. Everything will be only for your business and for you. This means that your dedicated server will work faster and more efficiently than the cloud version, the resources of which are distributed among all its users.

  • Best Value for Money

Dedicated web servers are the most economical option. Value for money is an important factor in any business decision. Although at first, a dedicated server might seem like a more expensive option than a cloud server. Nonetheless, it offers a much larger amount of resources, and the price is very reasonable if you realize the true value offered by this type of solution.

  • Ability to Purchase Specific Server Hardware

Using a dedicated web server, you can choose your specifications. You can determine exactly what equipment you need in accordance with the specific requirements of your website, it’s content and traffic.

  • Easily Customizable

A dedicated server offers more flexibility than a cloud server. This is a customizable and customizable solution for any growing and changing business.

  • Compatibility and Security

A dedicated server is a one-tenant solution, and not shared, like a cloud server. In doing so, you solve the problem of secure data storage, as well as where and how to maintain the server. If your business attaches great importance to compatibility and security, then a dedicated server is your only choice.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned reasons show why you should choose a dedicated server for your small business. In addition, you can also get improved technical support when choosing special hosting services. Many companies provide the domain name and web hosting services at reasonable prices. A group of experienced and trained specialists will help you easily and quickly solve all kinds of technical problems.

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