Social listening refers to a technique used to monitor digital conversations in order to understand what consumers are saying regarding a brand as well as an industry online. In business, marketing teams use this technique to enhance community engagement including identifying major customer pain points in addition to offering customer response to their questions. Social media listening is also applied to garner feedback that may assist in differentiating a brand or service. As digital marketing proliferates, there are plenty of ways through which customers can share feedback as well as experiences. Social listening also allows marketers to prioritize as well as evaluate public feedback.

Why should a Company Implement Social Media Analysis?

The information can be utilized to create an appealing offering in the form of product as well as service. Social listening is also used to monitor individual conversations in the brand. It doesn’t offer insight into the immediate impact of a marketing program. If a brand is interested in tracking the effects of a marketing strategy across different online platforms, the company should contact a marketing agency that offers service in social monitoring. Social listening comprises of two main processes namely analysis as well as actionable responses. It finds the root cause of social conversations. It then implements long-term policies to facilitate change. By conducting social listening, a brand can create the type of content followers want. A company can also come up with revolutionary ideas founded on industry trends.

Customers Like to Shop from Companies that Respond

A firm’s customer service can make or break a brand. Consumers want to be heard on various social sites. In research by social media analysis company NetBase, about 80{061df1cae2d64927061e07b6d7eafcef06a76bc18c3ebe725bd65677dd35588a} of respondents are happy when a brand responds to questions. Other consumers like when brands join various conversations. Being responsive makes a huge difference. Besides, many customers buy from a responsive brand. Consumers want a company to respond. It’s also about using social media listening to create responses that offer tangible value. Such responses will enhance customer loyalty.

Knowing What Consumers are Saying about a Brand

The initial social medialistening feed a company should set up is the brand name, variations, in addition to a website. Many tools term this a brand’s health feed. It helps the management to measure the popularity of a brand and its overall sentiment. A company focused on social media listening offers the brand a defense line when customers start to complain about a product. It also reveals the sites on which customers are talking about the company.

Keeping Track of the Brand’s Growth

A brand may face controversies. One ounce of negativity can plague a brand social presence. Ignoring rude remarks or comments is possible. Nonetheless, the negativity can outweigh the positivity. This is the right moment to use social media listening. Analyzing the recent incident allows a company to monitor the negative comments including their impact on a brand. An individual can then decide if serious measures should be implemented in response.


NetBase is strategically positioned to assist companies in creating business value from the available opportunities presented by social media analysis. The company has the sector’s fastest as well as accurate social analytics platform and strong partnerships with high-profile brands such as DataSift, Twitter, in addition to Tumblr. NetBase empowers brands to make smart business decisions based on deep and reliable customer insights from social media. The company has grown over the years. It currently garners a revenue growth of up to 4,000{061df1cae2d64927061e07b6d7eafcef06a76bc18c3ebe725bd65677dd35588a}. NetBase understands that customer experience can take a different trajectory. A crisis may erupt and spread through social media. The company’s speed in handling such matters is of the essence. Customer experience analytics helps a brand to control its social media presence.

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